60 Defense Related LinkedIn Groups You Can Join

groupsYou can join up to 50 LinkedIn Groups for your profile (plus another 50 subgroups). You might think you could never keep up with that many groups but there is more than one purpose (and a sound strategy) for joining the maximum number you can.

Just because you’re a group member doesn’t mean you need to participate, but by joining all the other members of the group will be able to see your activity updates when you post them. Simple math shows what kind of network you can create with 50 groups, some of which have thousands of members.

Depending on your objectives for using LinkedIn, you can choose groups that will contribute to your overall strategy. You can also participate in those of personal interest.

You can find the main Groups directory here: http://www.linkedin.com/directory/groups/  or by using the search box at the top of the Linkedin dashboard.

Think of your Group selections fitting into four broad areas:

  • Personal Interest
  • Professional Interest
  • Professional Networking
  • Local Networking.

Personal Interest groups would be those that might not have anything to do with your career. Perhaps your interested in martial arts or tandoori cooking. You can often find groups that reflect your hobbies.

Professional interest groups are those which related to your specific career speciality or job search goals. If you’re an Army veteran for example, you might join non-military groups related to your MOS, such as personnel, logistics or transportation, but also join groups for your old unit, veterans groups and so on.

Professional networking groups are the ones you choose because they combine elements of your personal background, education, military background and career objectives. Examples would include Alumni groups, various military-related groups and others.

Local networking groups especially with the defense industry would include those that are geared towards networking among people in a specific geographic location, such as a city or state. Examples are real groups from my area: DaytonDefense — The Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association or the Greater Columbus/Dayton Defense Technology and Intelligence Job Network.

Open or Private Groups: When you look for groups to join you’ll find two different approaches. Open groups are those that anyone can join. Private groups are moderated and when you click to join, someone will manually approve you after reviewing your Linkedin profile.

Below are 60 links to consider when putting together your LinkedIn Group selections. I have also included the number of members as of November 4, 2013. Links below take you to the group’s detail page and gives more suggestions.

Aerospace & Defence  21,523 members

Aerospace & Defense Industry Professionals  12,081

Aerospace & Defense Jobs  15,681

Aerospace Professionals  10,682

All Cleared – Recruiter-Candidate Connection  4,797

ASDNews Group – Aerospace, Aviation, Space, Security, Defense News & Information  5,972

Association of LOGCAP Contractors  589

Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 3,247

Aviation & Aerospace Professionals  81,041

Aviation Week  11,325

Cleared Connections  22,176

Cleared Networkers  2,677

ClearedJobs.Net – Active Security Clearance required  7,041

Connected Marines 5,604

DC, MD, VA – Intelligence, Cleared, Defense, Top Secret, Poly, Government, Recruiting Network  2,653

Defense & Aerospace Networking Professionals  2,788

Defense and Aerospace  64,513

Defense and Aerospace Connections  44,735

Defense Engineering Jobs 2,841

Defense Executive Network  4,692

Defense Industry Finance Professionals  1,928

Defense Industry Hiring Events – Security Clearance Required – and Resume Drop  2,844

Defense Industry Network  15,252

Defense Logistics, Maintenance & Performance Based Logistics (PBL)  3,499

Department of Defense (unofficial group)  26,805

Department of Defense Jobs  3,945

Disabled American Veterans  6,950

DOD Clearance Group  3,197

DoD Contractor Jobs  2,150

Federal Government Contractor Network (TFCN)  23,464

Global Contractors  570

Greater Columbus/Dayton Defense Technology and Intelligence Job Network  401

IDGA – The Network for Military Personnel and Defense Industry Professionals 5,112

Intelligence Professionals  9,070

Military & Defense Logistics  3,118

OCONUS  1,256

Professional Overseas Contractors: Your-POC.com  15,668

Security And Defense People  8,767

Security Clearance Jobs  15,331

The Aerospace & Defense Human Resources Network  3,151

The Air Force Association  5,678

The Intelligence Community  33,956

The Value Of a Veteran  11,036

The Veteran Network  2,377

Top Secret Candidates  9,913

U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Alumni  4,290

U.S. Veteran  33,771

United States Air Force Veteran  4,901

US Government Security Clearance  7,431

US Military Veterans Network  35,011

US Navy Veteran Group  5,025

US Security Clearance careers  5,266

US Veteran – Recruiter – Candidate Connection  3,901

Veteran CEO’s  1,080

Veteran Job Opportunities  10,299

Veteran Mentor Network  14,137

Veteran Owned Business Discussion Group 1,343

Veteran Owned Business Master Mind Success Group  1,762

Veteran to Civilian Career Transitions  2,995

Veterans Hired  5,983